Cosmic Landscapes, 2019.

Cosmic landscapes are manifestations in the form of photographs that resulted from the production process of the work "Carbonic Light - Journey into the Black Cube". This work was presented at the closing exhibition of ARTBO Tutor 2019. In this process, which involved an in-depth review of the mineral world, specifically that of mineral coal, I carried out experiments with black and neon light applied to coal and to the geometric modules (cubes) that I have been using in my sculptures called “modular mushrooms” . The result of the process was that structuring elements of landscapes that I called "Cosmic Landscapes" began to be formed. In this series you can see the essential elements of the landscape such as relief, depth, fractality and architectural designs. The light and neon colors allude to the ethereal, multidimensional, elements of the subconscious and the spiritual dimension.